What We Do

Emerge Performance (EP) applies the Mindfulness to Flow (MindFlowTM) approach to cultivate a champion's mindset as well as nurture experiences of flow in multiple arenas.

Central to EP’s suite of programmes is the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 8-week training programme and the FlowLab® training platform.

  • The MBSR programme is an intensive 8-week meditation training programme by Jon Kabat-Zinn to improve well-being, personal effectiveness and emotional intelligence. The intensive nature of this programme is experiential and highly participatory, covering a range of formal and informal meditation practices and daily assignments. (Further details on MBSR)
  • FlowLab® is a training platform that taps on the latest biofeedback technology in the market. Such advanced technology enables the tracking of one’s physical signals (such as brainwaves and heart rate variability) that can be quantified and measured accurately. Scientific studies relate these signals to be reliable indicators of composure, focus ability and overall mental performance.

Using the MindFlowTM approach, we design and deliver our programmes across three main segments:

1) Corporate Performance, 2) Sports/Student-Athlete Performance, 3) General Well-being

Our Programmes:

Our Toolbox:

  • Personality Evaluations / Assessments (EQ-i 2.0, StressScan, Agility Profile etc...)

  • Skill Kit for Leaders (SKL)

  • FlowLab® Training Platform

  • Assessment Tools

  • Video Analysis

Intended Outcomes:

  • Positive impact on bottom-line results

  • Develop vision statements & breakthrough strategies

  • Initiate and sustain transformational change

  • Build an open & innovative culture

  • Improve engagement levels of middle management

  • Sharpen leadership competencies

  • Nurture high-performance teams

  • Ingrain high-performance motivational climates

  • Train Managers to apply coaching skills

Our Programmes:

  • Mindfulness-Based Performance Enhancement Programme (MBPE™) – An abridged 4-week version of the MBSR program with emphasis on performance enhancement

  • Mental Performance Workshops – 60mins of experiential and participatory training to enhance individual and team performance

  • Mental Skills Coaching (One-One or Group Coaching)

  • EP Camps for Student-Athletes – 3 Days over both Jun & Dec vacation windows to sharpen overall mental performance

  • Bespoke Camps for schools / teams

  • Mental Performance Individual Assessment Services – Using a suite of technology, we evaluate and benchmark one’s mental performance

Our Toolbox:

  • Personality Evaluations (EQ-i 2.0, Agility Profile etc...)

  • Video Analysis

  • Bio & Neurofeedback

  • Versus Neurofeedback Assessment & Training Platform

  • Eye-tracking Technology

  • NeuroTracker Training System

  • FlowLab® Training Platform

Intended Outcomes:

  • Sharpen mental toughness (E.g. Resilience, Confidence, Focus & Composure etc...)

  • Build an elite team

  • Develop off-season mental training plan

  • Apply mental skills in competitions & tournaments

  • Evaluate post-competition results

  • Enhance recovery from injuries and setbacks

  • Develop a high-performance motivational climate

  • Augment performance team to include sport psychology support

  • "Train-the-Trainer" to integrate mental skills application

Our Services:

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Programme (8 weeks)

  • Mindfulness-Based Performance Enhancement Programme - MBPE™ (4 weeks)

  • Coaching – One-One or Group Format (E.g. Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Exercise & Health etc...)

  • FlowLab® training programme (contact us for more information)

Our Toolbox:

  • Personality Evaluations

  • Assessment Tools

  • Bio & Neurofeedback

  • Wearable Technology

Intended Outcomes:

  • Enhanced sense of self-esteem and self-belief

  • Increase in self-awareness and self-control

  • Improved ability to manage stress

  • Clearer sense of direction

  • Increase in positive energy and motivation

  • More effective problem-solving skills