“I enjoyed the 8 weeks MBSR program. It was well conducted by the instructor and the pace was correct for my hectic weeks. I am confident and happy that I have taken this step for myself, and hope that this is only a beginning to a life of mindful living. Thanks to my instructor and the wonderful cohort.” Sridhar, S., Counsellor

“I was skeptical but curious, and had been postponing joining the MBSR for a while. Glad that I took action and joined Han Ee’s MBSR program. No matter how much you read and think you know yourself, this technique will definitely open your eyes to something else. For sure I will continue the practice and maybe join future events.” Pimenta, M., IT Consultant

“The MBSR program provided a platform for me to reflect and do a stocktake of my life, which I would otherwise not get to do in my hectic life. Much needed and timely and recommended for everyone.” Lee, J., Director

“Han Ee has a very professional, pleasant, measured style and approach in his facilitation of the MBSR sessions. His advices are never imposing but respectful and easy to understand. He also has a very composed demeanour that puts students at ease.” Wong, C., MarCom Specialist

"Thank you for leading me through 8 weeks of personal growth! Do not belittle this course as one with its focus on meditation! The participant gets to walk through a guided journey by the patient Han Ee where he/she, through the use of guided meditation, is challenged on his/her mindset of approaching stress (and life in general)... I strongly recommend this course if you are remotely interested in this!" Chia, D., Medical Physician 

"We always feel that we have control over our lives and every action. Our over confidence might leads us to destruction when we fail to acknowledge our body's inability to handle a rigorous schedule. This MBSR program has brought me back to recognising our physical limits in handling the emotional swings in our fast-paced life. Being present and aware has allowed me to be alert to changes in my physical being and arresting the emotions that are negative, and encouraging the positive ones." Poh, R., Senior Banker 

"Wish I had taken this program a decade ago. Yes, still have fights in the corporate world. But now, with new tools (no baggage), right moves( awareness of self & foes), the fight is easier, achieving a higher victory. Turning foe into friends." Leong, S.L., Managing Director

"It's an amazing course! Even though I am familiar with the concepts of mindfulness, Han Ee made it come alive for me. There were many insights that I gained through the practice and Han Ee explained & reinforced those concepts by linking it to our practice. Perhaps the best thing I can say about this course is that I learnt a very wonderful concept of taking care of myself and gain on awareness of my mind-body sensations and emotions." Quah, S.H, Manager

"The MBSR course gave me many new perspectives and abilities about life and myself - much more than I expected to learn. I am grateful I took the time and hope to walk further on this mindful path which leads further to myself - step by step." Wild, K., Physiotherapist

"Started off feeling resistant to the concept but eventually benefitted through series of meditation and yoga practicing. Sharing sessions in each session was particularly helpful in expressing experience and getting perspective from others." Ong, A.M, Regional Head of Logistics

"MBSR is a very powerful program, not because of what Han Ee can teach you in class. It's about you, and what you can experience and find about yourself in the 8 weeks. 8 weeks is a journey of both the good and the bad. There will be good experience and bad experience, but all is about yourself. Really recommend this program to all." Lim, D., Project Manager

“It is an excellent program. I would do it again if I can. The flow is great with deep learning at intense moments of self-awareness. Han Ee is very good as a trainer, a good (& neutral) listener with deep questioning techniques.” Bendefa, N., Executive Coach

“Han Ee, thanks for accepting me into the program, & for the exemplary ways, in which you’ve facilitated the classes. I enjoyed your questions & the observation of how you’ve “answered” or reflected the questions back to the participants.” Lim, D., Business Development Executive

“MBSR has great lessons. We’re only at the start of the journey so need to keep learning. It’s been great being part of an amazing class. Wish we could go on forever!” Kay, J., Leadership Consultant

“Good sound program, well mastered. It is not easy but it works!” LeBlanc, C., Headhunter

Compilation of reviews of our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 8-Weeks program by Han Ee

"The facilitator uses various examples to help us understand the course materials and engaged us well during the class."

"Fun & engaging session by the facilitator. Very professional."

"Keep up the excellent teaching!"

"Han Ee is very good in passing his knowledge to us and he is committed to teaching."

"Engage well with the participants thru gaming! Great job!"

Compilation of testimonials of our Mental Skills for Peak Performance by Han Ee

The course was well delivered in that it was engaging, interesting and interactive. Han Ee also makes an effort to tailor his classes and the advice given to the questions raised by the attendees. This makes the lessons learnt very applicable and relevant.

Bonus points for the humour injected into the delivery of the content too, there was never a dull moment. Double bonus points for the way he engaged the class. It felt like we were speaking to a peer or a friend who understood the issues at hand rather than as someone who is there to just deliver content ad verbatim like some trainer do.

I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to understand how to manage themselves for better performance - be it for personal or work matters.

X.J. Low, from AIC, on Han Ee's workshop on Personal Effectiveness and Emotional Intelligence

Thank you note from teachers, 1-Day Workshop: "Mindfulness for Personal & Professional Growth"

"At first I was skeptical about working with Han Ee, as we had no mutual business contacts/referrals, but I'm glad I took the risk. Han Ee is extremely humble about his expertise, but he impressed our Regional Leadership team in the 3 hours we allocated to him to talk to us about mindfulness. It was a success to me because of 2 simple things: He was able to embed the importance of mindfulness within my leadership team and he gave practical tools to get us started. We are now investing more time to understand and spread mindfulness within our organization. I genuinely would like to work with Han Ee on future projects. Thank you."

Tam Nguyen, Associate Director, Regional Operations, Nielsen

"Han Ee is a knowledgeable trainer and shares his expertise with us. He shows great passion in sports psychology and has the interest of his clients at heart."

Idris Taha, School Teacher, "Enhancing Performance through Sports Psychology" Workshop Participant

"I think this is a very good session. Helps us to fresh our minds and see the big picture...Provided a fresh perspective... Good session with having the practice of mindfulness in class." Nielsen Regional Business Leaders

Reviews of "Mindfulness to Flow - Raising the Performance Envelope" Workshop

"Han Ee is an excellent facilitator - knowing when to jump in and when to take a step back. To be able to squeeze a 5 day course into 4 days is commendable."

"Han Ee has a wealth of knowledge and actively engaged the class. Personally, he has given me and my team good advice to improve on our facilitation process."

"The facilitator is engaging and able to bring the group through the learning."

"Great trainer! Experienced and engaging."

"Han Ee did a very good job. He was able to bring all of us together in a short space of time."

Reviews of "Coaching & Facilitation for Senior Managers" Workshop conducted by Han Ee

"The trainer was able to captivate our attention and deliver the subject with interesting learning objectives" Kumar

"Very interesting and fruitful. Able to provide very relevant examples." Ang X.K.

Reviews of EP's "Championing Mental Skills for Personal Success" 1-Day Workshop by Course Participants

"I have a smiling, happy and confident kid after EP Camps. What more can a parent ask for? A child who looks forward to going to the camp is a sure good sign that it must be doing something right. And to have the child raving about what he learnt and applying the methods taught was even more wonderful. Money well spent. I did not have much expectations in the beginning. But to see the changes and to hear my kid recommend it to his cousins, it was all the more sweet. Thank you EP. I would recommend it to every kid, even those with no inclination towards sports."

Jenny Limowa, Parent of EP Camper, on #EPCamps

"Having my son participate in EP Camps in Singapore has definitely been one of the best decisions. Brendan was fortunate to attend an EP workshop in Jakarta and loved every moment of it. As a photographer for the event, I sat in and was fully entertained myself. Learned lots about how our mind works when we are nervous and relaxed. I wished there was such camps for me to attend when I was growing up! Great stuff you have there Han Ee!! Looking forward to have Brendan attend more EP Camps!"

Mira Limowa, Parent of EP Camper, on #EPCamps

"I invited Team EP to do a 2-day workshop with the 60 Top Indonesian Junior Masters in Oct 14. It turned out to be the highlight of the whole event. Han Ee has a unique way to approach Sport Psychology. He makes the learning experience fun and interesting for the kids. I have sent several kids to EP Camps since then and I see the improvement already. They all are looking forward to coming back."

Paul Sindhunatha, Sportama Tennis Institute on #EPCamps

"Han Ee is a very competent and engaging trainer who was able to sustain our interest to a very high level and imparted to us a very good learning experience!" Lye, V.  

"Han Ee was able to break down and "simplify" this complex topic on Resilience. Now it is more relevant and connected to what I am doing and going to do." Heng, G. 

"Must attend course! Excellent facilitator." Png, A.

"Mr Lim was able to motivate the class and the pace of lessons and activities were just right. Well done!" Chua, J.

"A very engaging 2 days indeed. Trainer was infectious and led the way for purposeful participation." Ng, R.

"Han Ee is a highly effective facilitator with boundless energy! He encourages a high level of participation and attentiveness." Ong, T.

"Enjoyed the 2-day programme, Han Ee is a good facilitator who is able to deliver the content and engage the participants at the same time." Lim E.L.

"Course was fun with good energy. It was conducted very well. Facilitator was very keen to instil knowledge. THANK YOU!" Rai A.

"Mr Lim Han Ee was very engaging/superb; job well done!" Kaur H.

"Trainer effectively reinforced the techniques in a candid and activities-based approach. Well articulated and easy to apply in a working environment." Anonymous

"Engaging and entertaining. Very well done" Dominic

"The facilitator was awesome!" Singh S.

"Activities allow me to understanding learning objectives better." Tang L.L.

Reviews of EP's "Power of Resilience" 2-Day Workshop by Course Participants

"I consider Han Ee and his team to be professional and knowledgeable about issues concerning applied sports psychology. The students benefitted from the workshops as they found it to be engaging and simple enough for their understanding. I would have no problem recommending Emerge Performance to others."

Adib Azad Jasman, Teacher-In-Charge, Hong Kah Primary School Volleyball Team on EP's Mental Skills Workshop

"This training programme was a new and different experience for me as we don't really get too deep into the sciences for skateboarding as it is a more skills-based sport. But I am glad to report that thanks to the training given by my amazing trainer, Han Ee, I am able to better focus, calm myself down and reach peak performance in my skateboarding!"

Farris Rahman, Red Bull Skateboarder, on the FlowLab™ training program

"Han Ee is an amazing performance coach! I went to him barely a month before my Gobi Desert challenge and he was able to offer insightful yet practical strategies which enabled me to overcome my pre-race mental stress. I still remember his 3C plan - Centredness, Conservation & Consistency! He really helped mentally prepare me for a 250km race across the Gobi desert. I would recommend him to any new or seasoned multi-stage race competitor."

Josie Kang, Principal at Accenture

"Han Ee has done a good job in guiding us to see key concepts of sports psychology and provided applicable examples we can use in our work and personal life."

Teo Siang Yang, School Teacher, "Enhancing Performance through Sports Psychology" Workshop Participant

"Great instruction and sharing!"

Jason Chin, Hedge Fund Partner, Golf Mindpower (GMP) Workshop Alumni

"Anyone who wishes to enjoy and play better golf, should make time to attend this workshop (Golf Mind Power - GMP workshop series) by Han Ee."

Paul C, Golf Mindpower (GMP) Workshop Alumni

"The quality of work that Han did for our team was amazing. Not only did he mentally prepare us for our competition but also kept us inspired every day."

Thai Tu, Captain, University of San Francisco (USF) Men’s Tennis Team 2012

"I really enjoyed working with Han Ee. He was able to help me focus more mentally and perform at a higher level."

Top Singaporean / US NCAA Collegiate Golfer

"Even though Han Ee had a short few days to work with me before the Singapore Open, his advise on the mental game was sound and effective in helping me perform well at such a big event. Truly inspiring."

Quincy Quek, Asian Tour Pro

"Han is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. His passion for peak performance is very obvious and he helped our team achieve many of the goals set forth! He was always punctual at each step of the process and helped us create a vision and mission statement that our team lived by throughout the season. I highly recommend working with Han."

Allison Goodman, Asst Coach, University of San Francisco (USF) Women's Golf Team 2012

"Han Ee is highly motivated and deeply committed to his work to help his athletes get better. He constantly reviews the status quo in order to improve the performance envelope. Han also embodies the symbiotic traits of confidence and humility; he is constantly looking for opportunities to improve. His cultural background from Asia and the military is, in my experience, an asset, as they deepen his life experience. Relevant background information includes the team's success this year: we earned 11 NCAA "B" cuts in our first year as a Division 2 program, and jumped up four places in our Conference Championship standings from one year ago. I attribute much of our mental preparedness and ability to perform at a championship level to Han's work with the team. I give Han my full recommendation"

Ben Loorz, Head Coach, California State University (East Bay) Women's Swim Team

"Han worked extensively with Men's & Women's Golf and Tennis teams. He provided group presentations and individual consultations for performance coaching. I would extend a glowing recommendation to anyone who may have the opportunity to work with him in the future. Thank you"

Rich Yokota, Head Coach, University of San Francisco, Men's Golf Team 2011-2012

"Han Ee Lim was instrumental in the success of our Men’s tennis team. Han was able to adapt to being thrown into the season at a time when our team was struggling and was able to work with our players both on the court and off in a really constructive manner. Han was very organized and professional. He always acted with great character and was a valuable member or our coaching staff while at USF. Thank you Han!"

Pablo Pires de Almeida, Associate Head Coach, USF Men’s Tennis Team 2011-2012

"Han consistently brought a tremendous attitude and openness to our team. Despite having to adapt to a very diverse group of individuals and issues, each member of our team that Han worked with was open to discussing their most pressing challenges with Han (both athletic and personal). Han is a great listener and gives tremendous guidance. His background, character and discipline naturally encouraged our players to be proactive which added to the productivity of our team. I recommend Han with my highest regards."

EJ Kahn, Asst Coach, USF Men’s Golf Team 2012

"Han went 'above and beyond' all of my expectations as he worked with me to prepare the latest update and release of The Skill Kit for Leaders Program:"One-Stop Shop" for Human Capital Development. He is wonderful to work with, exhibits creativity, business savvy, and excellent follow-through with all aspects of his work with me."

Diane Foster, President, Diane Foster and Associates

"Having personally mentored Han, it is my pleasure to recommend him as a peak performance coach. Integrating his diverse background in the military, sport psychology and competitive experience, he offers a powerful brand of coaching to executives, athletes and performers. He is multi-lingual, cross-culturally adept, able to quickly establish rapport and truly connect with clients, and will add much to our profession."

Sandra Foster, Peak Performance Psychologist, Success at Work

"Han worked closely with me when I was stationed in Singapore as the US Defence Attache. Han was a consumate professional who understood the intricacies of international relations and diplomacy, at both the strategic and tactical level. Having shadowed leaders at the highest echelon and being a leader himself in the Navy, Han is well-poised as an executive coach in leadership development."

Alan Oshirak, Defence Attache, 2008