Who We Are

Charlene Teo
Mindfulness Coach & Corporate Trainer
Mindfulness & Behavioural Coaching, Corporate Training

Charlene’s qualifications include:
•Master of Social Science in Professional Counselling, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
•Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) program instructor
•Certified trainer of the .b, Paws b and .b Foundations mindfulness curriculums under the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP)
  As a professional coach and corporate trainer, Charlene is driven to inspire and empower others. She has a passion for lifelong learning – as a learner, a teacher, a coach, a trainer, a counsellor, a psychotherapist and an educator. She hones this passion by combining her skills in counselling, coaching, customer service, human behaviour management, training and the creative arts to conduct empowerment sessions that are challenging, creative and constructive.
  Beyond her work at Emerge Performance, Charlene is an adult educator at the Social Service Institute (SSI), where she conducts training on human behaviour and serves as a curriculum developer for various training programmes. She also works at Shan You Counselling Centre as an associate counsellor, trainer and courseware developer, supporting the centre’s mindfulness programmes and marriage preparation programmes. Lastly, Charlene is a trainer with the Centre of Advancement in Family Education, where she supports its parent education programmes.
  Charlene counsels and coaches teens, adults and families on life skills, relationship skills, peak performance management and managing symptoms of ADHD. She uses strategies and techniques encompassing cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness practice and time-line therapy to empower her clients to achieve their goals.
Earlier in her career, Charlene worked for over 13 years at Singapore Airlines. She also worked at Swissair and was based in Zurich. Her experiences at two of the world’s top airlines enabled Charlene to hone her skills in relating to people of diverse ages, races and nationalities.
Beyond the qualifications listed above, Charlene’s certifications also include:
•Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (WDA)
•Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (WDA)
•Certified Time-Line Therapy Master Practitioner (TLTA)
•Certified NLP Master Practitioner (ABNLP).
•Certified Master Class Trainer (BKI)
•Certified DISC and FACET 5 Human Behaviour Consultant
•Certified Master Level in Motivational Interviewing (SYCC)