Coaching for resilience

Better Organizations Start with Resilient Teams

The success of your organisation depends on your team, but what happens when your team struggles to perform at its full potential? While you can’t eliminate stress, adversity and uncertainty from the workplace, you can help your team cultivate the mindfulness skills to navigate difficult situations more effectively.

Our Cultivating Resilience with Mindfulness (CRM) Workshops is designed to do just that.

Through experiential training incorporating group and individual activities, our experienced trainers can help your team members sharpen their situational and self-awareness and strengthen their inner resilience.

Ultimately, our aim is to drive the success of your organisation by empowering your team to perform at a higher level in any situation.

Learning outcomes
This workshop introduces mindfulness as a discipline to help middle and senior management in your organisation cultivate resilient behaviours and resources to cope with workplace change, adversity and pressure.

Participants learn to apply mindfulness-based skills, processes and routines to:

Stay on top of situations and respond mindfully to workplace challenges

Improve focus and composure when under pressure

Lead with deeper authenticity

Hold difficult conversations with others more effectively

Training approach

Our trainers employ various techniques in delivering the Cultivating Resilience with Mindfulness Workshop, including:

  • Experiential training
  • Instructor-led meditation exercises
  • Guided self-reflection
  • Focused discussions (large and small groups)

The standard length of our CRM Workshop is one day, but this can be customised based on your needs.

Group size
The standard group size is 20 pax, but we can customise the workshop for smaller or larger groups based on your needs.

Workshop outline
The following is a sample outline for a one-day CRM Workshop.

Time Event/Topic Delivery Format
Part 1
"Setting the Stage"
  • Introductions & icebreaker
  • The mindfulness backstory according to Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • The neuroscience of mindfulness
  • Lecture
  • Group attunement activity
  • Group discussion
  • The need for resilience
  • Mapping mindfulness to resilience
  • Group work
  • Mindfulness practice #1 (sitting & breathing meditation), followed by debrief – Focus Agility
  • Instructor-led experiential exercise
  • Group discussion
10:30am: Break
Part 2
"Why Does Mindfulness Matter?"
  • Exploring thoughts, emotions, behaviours & overall well-being
  • 9-dot exercise
  • Case study
  • Group discussion
  • Learning about the transformative potential of how we relate to ourselves, others and what’s around us
  • Movie discussion
  • Role play exercise
  • Mindfulness practice #2 (walking meditation), followed by debrief – Full Immersion
  • Instructor-led experiential exercise
  • Group discussion
12:30–1:30pm: Lunch break
Part 3
"Beating the Rat Race with Mindfulness"
  • Mindfulness practice #3 (standing gentle yoga), followed by debrief – Responding versus Reacting
  • Instructor-led experiential exercise
  • Group discussion
  • Evaluating triggers & hot-buttons in the working environment (e.g. deadlines, meetings, extra projects, admin, red tape, etc.)
  • Group discussion
  • Deconstructing the stress cycle, identifying our triggers and how we habitually react
  • Group discussion
  • "That Guy" activity
  • Shifting from knee-jerk reactivity to mindful responsiveness under stressful conditions
    • The W.I.N Approach (Mental Agility)
    • The S.T.O.P Approach (Pausing)
  • Applied activity: group juggling
3:40pm: Silent break
Part 4
"10,000 Hours to a Mindfulness Practice"
  • Listening & communication exercise
  • Designing & implementing one’s mindful practice - where, when & how
    • Resources
    • Finding mindfulness in Singapore
  • The Pursuit of Excellence with a Growth Mindset
  • Lecture
  • Group discussion
  • Self-reflective practice
  • Wrap-up

Why mindfulness
Our Cultivating Resilience with Mindfulness Workshop is designed around the belief that peak performance is all about being in the flow and embracing mindfulness as a life skill – in other words, paying attention with intention to the present moment. By using mindfulness as the foundation of our workshop, we can help you drive transformational change in your team through greater resilience and self-awareness. We truly believe that better organisational performance starts with mindful leaders and teams.

About our trainers
Han Ee, a performance psychologist, is the first Singaporean to be fully qualified through the direct training pathway with the Center for Mindfulness (CFM) @ UMass – the origins and home of MBSR – and trained under the direction of Jon Kabat-Zinn to deliver the MBSR program.

Drawing from close to 20 years of experience in high-performance domains (leadership, corporate and sports), Han Ee stands by the adage of "less is more" in the pursuit of excellence and mastery. He aims to hack the conventional approach to performance development by helping his clients find their flow and get in the zone on demand – anytime, anywhere – through the discipline of mindfulness.

He is an experienced executive coach (qualified with the International Coach Federation) and corporate training facilitator, working actively with a diverse range of clients including MNC leaders, executives, Red Bull athletes, royalty, professional athletes, soldiers and other high performers.

Han Ee is also the first instructor in this region to integrate biofeedback and assessment profiles into the MBSR program to evaluate and quantify behavioural changes before and after meditation training.

For details about our other trainers, visit Who We Are.


"At first I was skeptical about working with Han Ee, as we had no mutual business contacts/referrals, but I'm glad I took the risk. Han Ee is extremely humble about his expertise, but he impressed our Regional Leadership team in the 3 hours we allocated to him to talk to us about mindfulness. It was a success to me because of 2 simple things: He was able to embed the importance of mindfulness within my leadership team and he gave practical tools to get us started. We are now investing more time to understand and spread mindfulness within our organization." T. Nguyen, Associate Director, Regional Operations, Nielsen  

"A very engaging 2 days indeed. Trainer was infectious and led the way for purposeful participation." - Ng R., Manager

"Trainer effectively reinforced the techniques in a candid and activities-based approach. Well articulated and easy to apply in a working environment." - Singh S., Manager

"The trainer has helped us to be aware of the connection between our thoughts, emotions and sensations." S.C. Teo, Teacher

"The training was interesting in how it facilitate in us becoming more aware of our surroundings and be more appreciative." Anonymous, Teacher


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