"Wish I had taken this program a decade ago. Yes, still have fights in the corporate world. But now, with new tools (no baggage), right moves (awareness of self & foes), the fight is easier, achieving a higher victory. Turning foe into friends."
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This is the world-renowned MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction by Jon Kabat Zinn) 8-week program aimed at transforming leaders as well as working professionals with mindfulness skills and resilient behaviours to thrive in the VUCA 3 environment. The main goal of the program is to illuminate the full potential through the wisdom practice of mindfulness and a blend of mind-body meditation exercises. Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:


  • Sharpen FOCUS and increase MENTAL STAMINA to sustain high performance over longer periods.
  • Achieve EMOTIONAL BALANCE by reducing feelings of isolation and enhancing SELF-CONFIDENCE.
  • MASTER STRESS and develop perspective AGILITY to problem-solving situations.

3 Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous
The MBSR program will help develop emotional balance to achieve clarity and calmness while dealing with adverse and unsettling situations.

High performance is the target.

Emerge Performance (EP) is the pioneer in Singapore to use a body analytics technology training platform named FlowLab®, and FirstBeat technology which enables the accurate tracking of physiological stress-markers. And those indicators will allow participants to realize what is needed to achieve a higher level of mental performance and focus ability.

Right tools towards excellence!

We believe there´s a "champion" in all of us. To reveal it, we should cultivate a mindfulness discipline, adopt a lifelong pursuit of mastery through action-learning, and keep on top of VUCA situations. These are the 3 critical paths of our MindFlowTM operating system, that will help strengthen roots and fortify composure to thrive under adversity.

Govern your stress. Decide better.

Nowadays leaders face unparalleled degrees of change, it´s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out. MBSR will provide a personalized review on daily stress factors, sufficiency of recovery, quality of sleep, and health and fitness effects of physical activity. This will help monitor stress factors and develop agility for better decisions on problem solving.
Business professionals often struggle to find "room" for new projects and work routines. They try to keep themselves organized, but rarely does it work ... they claim that they simply "can´t spare any more time". Wrong! It is TIME for a different approach: find the flow, increase daily performance and focus ability ... Time will be in YOUR hands.
  • 93% say it has a positive impact on their ability to create space for innovation;
  • 89% say it enhances their ability to listen to themselves and others;
  • Nearly 70% say it made a positive difference in their ability to think strategically.
(Source : Institute for Mindful Leadership)
"Prioritize", "Reduce costs", "Better teamwork"... These are common subjects that Leaders & Professionals deal with on a daily basis, which can fuel uncertainty and stress. How important is it to master stressful situations? And how will this commitment & effort turn out in the long term?
Learn mindfulness and attention training to sharpen your focus, make better decisions and become a more effective leader with a higher and sustained high performance. Register your interest now and get a free mindfulness assessment!  


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